About Vegefarm

About Vegefarm

Vegefarm Corp. is a family owned and operated business based in Taipei suburb of Taoyuan County. Vegefarm’s new modern facility produces two major vegetarian and vegan lines. Veggiemaster and Vegefarm. These healthy, delicious, and meat-free products are distributed and enjoyed worldwide. The key ingredient in all Vegefarm products is textured soy protein, which is a nutritious member of the protein family, similar to whey protein, but entirely meat-free.

Worldwide people are seeking healthy alternatives to meat are turning to Vegefarm products Vegetarians and vegans use Vegefarm products as their daily meals while others use different products to add a healthy and delicious alternate to their diet. No matter which Vegefarm product’s you choose, you will be adding good health and nutrition to your family’s table without compromising taste.

In order to provide outstanding services and products, VegeFarm Vegetarian Food Co. Ltd insists on making high quality vegetarian food that can be securely consumed by the customers. The VegeFarm Vegetarian Food Co. Ltd was founded in Shu Lin in 1996. Since the early years, the company has specialized in researching, developing and processing vegetarian products. In 2003, VegeFarm Vegetarian Food Co. Ltd has expanded to VegeFarm Corp in Linkou. Keeping the same goal to produce high quality, healthy and delicious products, professional researchers and experts were hired. Currently, the company has produced more than 300 varieties of product, exported to 18 countries in the world and become the global biggest frozen vegetarian food manufacturer that supplies many product choices. By practically observe the one-step-at-a-time principle and practise the diversified development method, we continue to innovate, to grow and successfully develop a popular line of vegetarian products to our consumers. We stand by our "solid quality, rich flavor, full color and tasty aroma" motto at all times. As we guarantee our quality, we also infuse the vitality into our product with great texture and unbeatable taste. We believe in satisfying consumers with healthy and delicious food, insist on promoting quality vegetarian food, introducing our customers to healthy diet and new dietary choices.

Vegefarm takes great pride in offering wide range of products covering many different cuisines for all tastes. For four generations, the Vegefarm family has taken its love of health and nutrition and shared it with families worldwide.


• Combines innovative flavouring and state-of-the-art technology to create healthy vegetarian products.

• Recognized around the world as the leading authority on vegetarian products.

• Owns and operates state-of-the-art processing and packing plants. A fully trained technical staff oversees quality control as well as research and development.

• Employees are dedicated to create only the best vegetarian food for our customers’ table.

• Products are distributed into food services, retail, and industrial markets worldwide.

• Passed S.G.S-ISO22000 : 2005 in year 2007.

• Passed the Halal requirements according to Islamic Law, Received Halal certificate NO.PP115010903 in year 2009.

• Vegefarm products are insured with $NT 20,000,000 liability insurance.